It’s not what I want to do with my life

But what it is allowing.

Creating the conditions where I can have those Aha moments in my life.


Asking for help.

Being in community.

You need an interruption

In order to have an aha moment.

To be shifted from familiar tracks.

The dragonfly is curious.


Shedding their exoskeleton.

It was just a feeling.

My mind tells me it’s quite precarious.

On the edge of something.

Delicately poised.

We are always looking for new distinctions

Between one thing and another.

A moment of growth

That you can’t go back from.

I can’t unsee that perspective.

Like a Rubicks cube in my head.

Something has moved and

The pattern is different.

This is my life juice.

Finding out new stuff

That I can integrate into my being.



I want to say yes but,

That feels like a no.

This is the part that I hear

Slash agree with.

There’s a way of taking it

To change your intention.

Or do it in a token way

Very annoying.

A but.

That’s knowledge in there.

I have some information that isn’t included.

And is inherently inclusive instead of exclusive.


Eat everything.

It’s a practice.

This is also present.

But closes off a direction and

Turns us around.

Coming to a stop.

A counter-attack.

An invitation to widen the view of what’s happening.

And both these things are present.

What but can be good for.

Showing a bit of process.

The emphasis shifts.

We should focus on the good bits.

And is a building block.

Ok, and there’s something else.

Acknowledge and include this.



Let go of the idea that the words hold power.

Life is so much with the words.

What other powers am I not using, trusting, allowing to come forward.

How can I use things that aren’t my words.

How can my way of being speak more than my words do.

Begin to trust the body state.

What you believe becomes who you are.

Be a body.

What we speak changes things, has an impact.



The people who have the words can hold a lot of the power.

Release the words.

Don’t hold on to them so tightly.

Conscious wielding.

The magpies are folkloric animals.

Lots of words about them.


You can chose what the meaning is.

A thing that can be seen from many angles.

A springboard.



Ava Osbiston and Lucy White

We are two friends collaborating to bring you our exploration of Dragon Dreaming wisdoms through illustration and creative writing with a new ‘card’ each week